• What is the correct way to use hairspray?

    Apply it to dry hair.

    • For finishing: hold the spray nozzle at least 30 cm from your hair when spraying.
    • For styling of individual strands: spray the section root to tip and style as required.
    • For more volume: tilt your head forward and spray directly into the hair roots.
  • What is the correct way to apply styling mousse?

    Shake the can well and hold upside down. Dispense mousse into palm and apply to damp hair. Blow-dryer heat intensifies the effect. Create your unique style!

  • What about the daily use of styling products?

    If you style your hair every day you should brush out hairspray or gels before bed to prevent hair breakage. Remember to only use purpose-made hair clips, bands etc. on your hair. Soft hair bands and scrunches are much kinder to your hair than rubberized products.

  • What is the best way to blow-dry my hair?

    Styling mousse should be applied to the hair before blow-drying as this can form a coating on the hair protecting it from excessive heat and can also act as a water repellent. The best way to avoid lifeless and dull hair is to blow-dry from the hair roots to the end of the hair always using a medium to low heat setting on your blow-dryer to avoid hair breakage.

    Hold the dryer at least 20–30 cm away from your hair when drying, excessive heat should be avoided at all times.

    The Correct Technique: This really depends on your hair type. Do you have wavy, thick or long hair and would like it to be curly? The best way to achieve this look and make lightweight curls is by using a diffuser attached to your blow-dryer. The broad head of the diffuser evenly distributes the air from the blow-dryer through your hair without damaging it. Best results are achieved by using the blow-dryer on a high-heat, low blowing setting, tilting you head to the back and sides and lifting your hair into the diffuser. This will create soft, natural looking curls.

    Women with short hair tend to avoid blow-drying as their hair dries quickly on its own. However, when used correctly, a blow-dryer can boost the volume of short hair to create a unique and individual style.

    To create this look firstly apply a styling mousse to hair which has been towel dried. Using your hands to scrunch you hair at the sides and top, bend over and blow-dry your hair upwards from your forehead then upwards at the sides.

    To add extra volume, use hairpins to pin hair at the roots and blow-dry from underneath – this technique is guaranteed to give extra volume. After your hair has cooled, remove the hair clips and style into place using your fingers and ‘set’ your style using hairspray.

    Don’t despair if you have straight or fine hair! Creating volume to your hair can easily be done with the correct blow-drying technique. Firstly apply volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair and arrange into broad sections. Wrap your hair around fat curlers and briefly blow-dry your hair, this will initially add more bounce. Carefully remove the curlers, lift-up each section and blow-dry from the roots to achieve volume and lift.

    Another way to add volume is to use a nozzle attachment for your blow-dryer; this is an ideal way to direct air for a more precise style. Using a nozzle attachment with your blow-dryer will direct more heat into one are so ensure you keep a distance of at least 20cm and use a medium or low setting to avoid over-heating.

  • How can I protect my hair when straightening or blow-drying it?

    Starting with dry hair:

    1. Spray a heat protection spray over individual sections of your hair before using hot irons.

    2. Straighten your hair using a hot iron or straighteners.

    Starting with damp hair:

    1. Spray a heat protection spray evenly over your hair prior blow-drying.

    2. Blow-dry your hair.

    3. Straighten dry hair using a hot iron or straighteners.

    Important: To avoid damaging your hair do not use hot irons or straighteners on damp hair!