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    • Which SYOSS Color should I choose?

      First of all you have to determine your current hair color. If you have difficulty identifying it, have a look at the SYOSS Color packs and compare your color with the images. Then, decide whether you would like to completely change the color of your hair color or accentuate your natural hair color by for example, applying a warm gold glow.

      For natural looking results, we recommend that you change your hair color gradually, no more than 2-3 shades from your current hair color each time until you achieve the desired result. The SYOSS numbers system is a great additional tool to help you find your dream hair color. The color you choose should take into consideration the tone of your skin. Skin with pink or red undertones will suit 'cool' shades such as those with a blue tinge, such as lilac, white, aubergine or turquoise. Skin with peach, yellow or golden undertones are 'warm' and need colors with underlying red like orange, aubergine and dark brown tones). You can get in contact with our customer service to find the perfect color for you.

      EXTRA TIP: If you are wavering between two shades, we recommend choosing the lighter one. If you are not satisfied with the result, it is always easier to darken rather than lighten your hair.

    • Gray hair – How do I treat it?

      First of all you should determine how much gray hair you have. 1. Examine every part of your head and evaluate it separately. 2. If more than half of your hair is gray, your hair is medium gray. 3. If you have predominantly gray hair and your natural hair color is hard to define, choose a product that fully covers gray hair.

      Expert tip: if you are not sure how gray your hair is, choose your shade based on the grayest area of your hair. This will ensure you select the product which offers sufficient coverage.

      Once you determine the amount of gray hair you have, look at the back of the SYOSS product or at our website to see which shade is suitable for your level of gray.

      Expert tip: If you have a lot of gray hair, we recommend starting the application of the color mixture at the section of your scalp with the highest concentration of gray hair.

    • Which is the best SYOSS color shade to cover gray hair?

      This really depends on the amount of gray hair you have. Each SYOSS Color shade gives you information about its gray coverage. You can find this information either on the SYOSS Color product or on this website.

    • How often do I have to recolor my hair?

      It is recommended to repeat the application of SYOSS Color every 4-6 weeks, as your hair grows approximately 1cm per month.

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    • What is the best way to apply the coloration mixture to my hair?


      Apply the prepared coloration mixture directly from the application bottle on dry, not pre-washed hair. This application is recommended if

      • you are coloring your hair permanently for the first time, or
      • your previous hair color has totally grown out, i.e. no re-growth can be seen.

      Apply the prepared coloration mixture strand after strand on the whole hair, then massage it in thoroughly. Allow the coloration mixture to work for 30 minutes.



      Apply the prepared coloration mixture directly from the application bottle on dry, not pre-washed hair. This application is necessary if

      • your hair is already colored permanently and a re-growth is visible, or
      • your hair tips are darker or in poor condition.

      Apply about 2/3 of the coloration mixture only on the re-growth area. For this, make a parting with the top of the application bottle and apply the mixture along the parting by massaging it into the roots with your fingertips (leave supplied gloves on). Repeat this procedure for the whole re-growth area. Allow the coloration mixture to work for 20 minutes. Apply the rest of the mixture in the whole hair and allow it to work for a further 10 minutes.

    • How can I prevent against staining my skin when I color at home?

      Before coloring your hair, apply some cream to the nape of your neck and your ears, but not to the roots of your hair. However, if despite doing this unwanted stains appear, they can be easily removed with some tonic or a gentle shampoo.

    • How do I treat very porous or damaged hair?

      If you have damaged or very porous hair ends, we do not recommend applying the mixture on the ends (about 1-2cm). Cover these only 5-10 minutes before the exposure time finishes.

    • What happens if I leave in the coloration mixture longer than the recommended exposure time?

      The coloration result may become darker. On top as the coloration result cannot be foreseen, your color result cannot be guaranteed anymore. Therefore please follow the specified exposure time in the instruction leaflet and always have a watch nearby in order to monitor the application time.

    • My coloration result is too dark/light. What can I do?

      The result of your color can become more intense than it is shown on the SYOSS packaging, if your hair color is grayer or lighter. Also if your hair color is darker than recommended your color result can be less intense than on the picture of the SYOSS packaging. Have a look at the SYOSS packaging to define your current hair color or seek for advice at our customer service.

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