• What is the correct way to use a shampoo?

    Do not apply shampoo directly to the hair. Instead, place a small amount of SYOSS shampoo in the palm of your hands and work it into a foam with some water. Use your fingertips to massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair. Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water until it ‘squeaks’ between your fingers.

    If you wash your hair regularly then one shampoo application is enough. If you have longer hair, simply massaging shampoo into your scalp and letting the shampoo cascade down during rinsing will adequately clean your hair.

  • Does daily shampooing and blow-drying damage my hair?

    Hair can be likened to fine wool. If you wash your favorite sweater on too high a heat setting and iron it year after year, you can be pretty sure it will wear out. That is precisely why systematic hair care is so important. Washing alone won't do the trick so you must follow a hair care regime that is precisely tailored to the needs of your hair.

    When styling hair, make sure to use products that are gentle to hair. Styling products can protect the hair from blow dryer heat. We recommend blow-drying your hair in one direction with the blow-dryer pointing down; don’t move the dryer back and forth. By pointing the stream of hair down, you are directing all of the hair in the same direction. This helps tame ‘frizzy’ and ‘fly-away’ hair and helps reduce breakage.

    Make sure that your styling implements are good quality. Ideally, use rubber-toothed or wooden combs—definitely not the synthetic ones with sharp edges.

  • Do I need to use conditioner after shampooing my hair?

    Using a good quality (SYOSS) conditioner should be a basic part of your hair care routine and plays an important role in keeping your hair silky-smooth, shiny and healthy.

    Conditioner infuses hair with proteins and active ingredients to keep your hair moisturized and manageable after washing. To apply conditioner place into your palms and rub them together before applying to your hair, this way it is distributed more evenly through your hair. Leave the conditioner in place between 3-5 minutes (depending upon your hair type) then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    If you have oily hair then only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair and not the scalp otherwise this may cause your hair to feel ‘heavy’. For thin hair, SYOSS conditioner should only be used in small amounts.

  • How often should I apply a treatment to my hair?

    The answer really depends on your hair type and the type of hair treatment. A rich moisturizing treatment for example, is very intense and therefore does not need to be applied regularly. On the other hand, a lightweight spray on treatments can be used daily on all hair types for fantastic results.

    Long, full, dry, damaged or dull hair can never get enough pampering and care!

  • Which treatment is ideal for which hair type?

    It is difficult to give a definitive answer to this question due to different hair types. Hair treatments exist to target specific style needs and hair condition.

    People with dry, curly hair have different hair care needs than people with straight, fine hair.

    However, all hair needs to be treated gently, especially when it is wet. Wet hair can stretch, making it more vulnerable to breakage or damage.

    All of our SYOSS products within our extensive range endure rigorous testing to ensure we meet the needs of all hair types, lengths and structures.

  • How exactly does a treatment work?

    Essentially, a treatment works by strengthening the hair from within. Panthenol, for example, is an ingredient used in some treatments to make the hair stronger. A treatment also works by tightening the surface of the hair and fills any holes in the cuticle layer which surrounds each hair strand.

    Importantly, the treatment works only where it is needed. Undamaged sections of the hair will not be left weighed down because the active ingredients simply run off leaving your hair beautiful and manageable.

  • How should I apply a treatment to my hair?

    Rinse-off treatment: Lightly towel dry hair before application. Wet hair is sensitive. After washing hair, the hair cuticles are open and easily damaged by rubbing or tugging. Therefore for best results, lightly towel dry the hair. This will ensure that the active replenishing ingredients do not ‘slide off’ hair that is too wet. To enhance the effect of the treatment, cover your hair with a plastic shower cap or towel turban to generate heat. Heat enhances the effectiveness of the treatment, speeding up the penetration of the ingredients into the hair After the stated treatment time has elapsed, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    Instant repair products: Leave-in treatments are usually sprayed directly into damp and / or dry hair and are not rinsed out. After applying the treatment, carefully comb the hair to evenly distribute the replenishing substances through the hair.

  • What is the best way to brush my hair?

    It is important to use only high quality brushes and combs. Combs should have wide prongs and no sharp edges (e.g. welded joints with plastic combs). Horn, hard plastic or wood make good materials for a comb. Brushes should have bristles that are not bound too close together or too rounded. For long hair, a brush with gentle, natural bristles is recommended.